to Sell Your Boat

with our expertise we have put together a guide to provide a clear idea what to expect when buying or selling a boat with Nauticool Marine.

What we do

  • Largest Secure Showroom

    Our location at Marker 37 Marina has over 500,000 visitors a year.

  • Lowest Fees

    Our fees are typically less than 50% of our competitor's in the area to manage all calls, showings, and all paperwork.

  • Extensive Marketing Reach

    Our digital marketing professionals will have your boat front and center on the biggest online marketplaces -,, Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

  • 7-day Customer Service

    Our service is open 7 days a week providing buyers and sellers to never miss an opportunity.

Why Sell Your Boat with Nauticool Marine

  1. We can generally sell your boat faster than own on your own because of greater exposure to potential buyers on the dealer’s lot than at the owner’s home or elsewhere.

  2. Consigning with Nauticool Marine saves the owner the costs of advertising and the hassle of answering phone calls, showing and demonstrating the boat to multiple potential buyers.

  3. Since we are more likely to sell the boat faster, consignment through us potentially could save the you numerous insurance payments and monthly loan.

  4. A dealer can sell an extended warranty for a  used boat, eliminating the need for the customer (or the dealer) to pay for repairs after the sale.

  5. A dealer has access to financing to make it more convenient for the new purchaser to buy your boat.

  6. A dealer can take a trade in on the sale of the consigned unit while an individual would not.

  7. A dealer can help an owner avoid selling to a friend and damaging the relationship by arguing over who will pay for the problems with the boat that arise post sale.

Basics to selling your boat

What is the best way to sell my boat on Nauticool Marine?
If you want to feature your boat prominently in search results and on the homepage, our Premium Package is the right choice. It comes with a full set of features and optional add-ons. If you’re confident your boat will get enough attention based on high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. Listing on Nauticool Marine will help you reach the largest audience of boat buyers in the U.S.

What details should I include in my boat listing?
When it comes to writing your boat listing – be as specific as possible. Try to use the boat builder’s specs, minimum draft, exact dimensions, on-board equipment, engine hours, tank capacities, accessories, outfittings and brand names. Get high-quality photos and videos of your clean boat from all angles – bow to stern – both in and out of the water.

Why should I pay for a listing when other sites offer free classified ads?
When selling a high-value item like a boat, it’s important that you are reaching the most qualified audience. Research shows that paid classified ads generally deliver 10 times the exposure of free ads because they offer more options for marketing your boat – including guaranteed exposure, longer run times, larger ads and photos and videos. Further, paid classifieds make it clear to potential buyers that the seller is serious about selling their boat, and as a result, consumers feel more confident in their shopping experience.

cost to sell your boat

How much does it cost to list on Nauticool Marine?
It is completely free to list your boat with Nauticool Marine. When you list with Nauticool Marine, you only pay when your boat sells. 

How much does it cost to sell a boat?
You have options with Nauticool Marine. It is entirely free to list your boat for sale on our website. We earn 10% of the total sale price at the end of the sale. Sell your boat faster by keeping it in our outside show room at $150 a month. This monthly fee allows buyers to view your boat 7 days a week without inconveniencing you. 

What is the best website to sell a boat?
Listing your boat on an online boating marketplace is the best way to get your boat in front of potential buyers fast. Did you know that you can list your boat on Nauticool Marine’s website in less than a few minutes? Websites like ours have thousands of local and online buyers browsing for their next boat every day. Websites such as YachtWorld do not offer a for sale by owner section, and typically need broker representation to have your boat listed there. Other marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist are worth exploring, but remember that there are other categories that you are competing with other than boating on those sites, so you likely are not selling your boat as quickly.

Does Nauticool Marine offer any upgrades to make my listing stand out?
The best way to make your boat listing stand out is to clean and detail your boat before listing it, and gather all information, like accessories, engine hours, electronics and even maintenance records if you have them. Next, you should take plenty of photos of your listing. We recommend more than 20 photos to make your boat stand out. Think up-close, detail shots of important parts of your boat, and also take images at every angle, including photos of the engine. As you add information to Nauticool Marine’s listing builder, you will have the ability to include add-ons that will make your listing shine. Those add-ons include placing your listing on other websites and social media platforms.

who do i sell my boat to?

Should I sell my boat to a dealer?
Sellers will typically not make as much money on a dealer trade or sale as compared to if you were to sell your boat privately. In many cases, the difference in selling to a dealer versus selling privately can be thousands of dollars. It is always best to try to sell your boat privately first before handing it over to a dealer.

How do I price my boat?
Pricing your boat is very important since the starting price can easily make or break the sale of your boat. Asking too much may dissuade potential buyers from requesting more information, while asking too little may make many buyers suspicious and wary of making an offer. If you find yourself asking “how much is my boat worth?” – it’s important to do your own research to determine your boat’s value. The Boat Trader Pricing Tool is a great way to learn the range of listed prices for your boat, including the average, lowest and highest prices found in Boat Trader’s search results.

What is a bill of sale for a boat?
A boat bill of sale is a contract used to transfer ownership of a vessel from a seller to a buyer. The agreement must be signed by both parties and may also require a witness signature, boat financing lender approval/signature, and in some cases a notary. The bill of sale should typically only be filled out and signed once the seller has delivered the watercraft to the buyer, and the buyer has remitted payment to the seller.

Pricing your boat for sale

How can I sell my boat fast?
The speed at which a boat will sell varies. Advertising your boat in as many places as possible will typically allow you to sell faster than listing it in only one place. Boat Trader offers the ability to list in multiple places—by exporting your listing to with a simple add-on once you are ready to check out.

If you’re looking to get your boat sold as soon as possible – the price is probably the main determining factor in how fast a boat will sell. Listings priced below market values will sell faster. We will do better. A great way to ensure your boat is priced correctly is utilizing our expert sales team to identify your boat’s best selling points.

Where is the best place to sell a used boat?
Online boating marketplaces like Nauticool Marine and boats.con are the best way to get your boat in front of local buyers quickly. Other methods should not be overlooked, in addition to these online marketplaces—like placing a for sale sign on your boat in your driveway or in a public location. We provide the best of both worlds. If you are out of town, don’t worry. We have staff that will meet your buyer 7 days a week. 

Need your boat detailed? Or need a mechanic to do a few last minute fixes? We have partnered with Co Captain to provide these services when needed.

More Boat Selling Tips

Is there a Kelly Blue Book for boats?
We hear many customers ask, “How do I know what my boat is worth?” Nauticool Marine’s professional staff will give you insight into current market value for a boat you own or are looking to sell. Boat Trader offers the largest selection of boats for sale in America, and we also recommend using other marketplaces to search to find similar boat listings in your region.

Is my boat too big or expensive to list on Nauticool Marine?
No! Regardless of price point, type or size, Nauticool Marine will help you reach the most boat buyers in your area. This includes all types of boat buyers interested in a wide variety of boat types and price ranges—big or small.

How long does it take to sell a used boat?
About 75% of boats listed for sale by owner on Nauticool Marine sell within 8 weeks*. There are many factors that play into how long it may take to sell your boat. These factors include the quality of your boat listing (Does it include photos and video? Do you have maintenance records for the duration of ownership?). In addition, price is likely the biggest factor in time to sale. If you choose to price your boat at or below market value, it may take you less time to sell it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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